Gibraltar Walking Tours

Join our official guide on our fun Full and Half Day private bespoke Gibraltar Walking Tours of the Inner City, South District and Catalan Bay.

Gibraltar Walking Tours

There is more to Gibraltar than just Rock Tours, Dolphin Trips and Monkeys. In fact, Gibraltar can entertain visitors for numerous days. Challenge is understanding what areas to visit.

As a result, we have designed these specialised guided tours to share with you the real Gibraltar. 

These tours range from visiting Places of Worship to the picturesque village Catalan Bay. Embrace  yourself with Gibraltar’s architecture designs and adventure up the Nature Reserve

Indulge yourself in the tranquillity of the amazing Gibraltar Botanical Gardens and learn from the flora and historical monuments.

Alameda Gardens Historical Tour

The spectacular Alameda Gardens were first opened to the public in 1816 and there are a number of commemorative busts and cannons which date back to the 18th and 19th century on view.
Two important monuments can be viewed here, but pride of place goes to the General Elliot Column and the impressive bronze ordnance at its feet. At the entrance are two of the four Russian guns given to Gibraltar by Britain, for Gibraltar’s help during the Crimean War, in 1858.

Upper Rock Walking Tour

This tour begins outside the Elliots O’Callaghan Hotel and takes a Round trip through the Old Town, past colonial buildings up towards the Nature Reserve along some paths not accessible to vehicles and back down into town.
-Meet Elliot’s O’Callaghan Hotel
-Library Ramp
-Footpath To Town (The Painted Steps)
-Devil’s Gap Battery
-Inglis Way
-Charles Vth Wall
-Queen’s Balcony
-Royal Anglian Way
-Windsor Bridge
-Apes Den
-Back to Town

Med Steps, Douglas Path and Skywalk Tour

3 Hours Carbon Neutral Guided Tour - Difficulty Level - Very High
This is a 3 hour Private Guided Tour that will enlighten your mindset and also create a sense of achievement after we reach the summit.