Gibraltar VIP Services

We have a proud record of delivering quality Gibraltar VIP services to local customers and International Agents. Experience the VIP Service that is second to none with exclusive tours and packages only available via Victory Tours Gibraltar.

Gibraltar VIP Services

Victory Tours Gibraltar pride themselves to provide top end quality VIP Service to Private Clients and those of our International Partners. From Private VIP Transfers, VIP Tours of the Nature Reserve, Luxury Motor Yacht Hire and Private VIP Packages designed for clients during their stay in Gibraltar. 

In addition to our VIP Private Hire/Tour Services we have now launched the Ultimate VIP Gibraltar Experience, only available to Exclusive Clients. 

Ultimate VIP Gibraltar Experience

On this Exclusive VIP Experience you will be collected by your VIP Driver from your selected destination to then be taken up the Nature Reserve on a Luxury Private Hired Vehicle. Here you will start the VIP Rock Tour by visiting the Pillar’s of Hercules and St. Michael’s Cave before heading towards the blockbuster tour….

You will then be one of the lucky 40 individuals a year, to visit the Secret WWII Cave up by O’Hara’s Battery, known locally as “The Stay Behind Cave“.

VIP Tour of Stay Behind Cave

Since World War II, rumours circulated of a secret room in the Rock of Gibraltar. For years, people explored the Rock’s cliffs, tunnels, and caves, but to no avail. However, in late 1997, after searching for more than two years as a team, the Gibraltar Caving Group unearthed a secret complex in close proximity to Lord Airey’s Battery at the Upper Ridge of the southern end of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. The group had evaluated potential locations of the complex, and come to the conclusion that it had to be located high up on the Rock in order to command good views of both the Mediterranean and the Bay of Gibraltar.

Their suspicions were raised when members of the group felt a rush of wind in a tunnel they had been exploring. After further exploration, the group broke through a wall into a series of chambers. It was quickly recognised that the secret complex was likely the long-sought-after site of Operation Tracer. The hidden chamber had been dubbed “Stay Behind Cave” by locals years ago, before official details were known.

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After feeling the draught of wind in the tunnel on a levanter day in December 1997, the Gibraltar Caving Group had pushed aside some corrugated metal sheets, and found a bricked-in area of the wall. 

Carefully removing some bricks, they soon revealed a doorway behind the bricked-in area of the tunnel. In addition to the observations posts, including a concrete slab for that on the west, the men found the remains of a bicycle. They also located the tubing which sheathed the aerial rod along the stairs. Cork tiles on the floor provided insulation for purposes of both warmth and sound. They were in two patterns and shapes: square tiles arranged around the periphery of the room, presumably to indicate storage areas, and narrow tiles in a herringbone pattern in the main area of the room centrally.

After the impressive tour of the Secret WWII Cave (Stay Behind Cave), you will then head towards the famous Skywalk and meet the Barbary Macaques, before being treated to an exclusive lunch at the Mons Calpe Suites. This luxurious restaurant stands tall at the top of the rock and not only is this venue one of the most luxurious ones in Gibraltar, it is also the highest located restaurant on the rock, enjoying some breath taking views.

VIP Exclusive Lunch

Upon arrival at the Mons Calpe Suite, you will be greeted with a glass of ice cold Champagne.

Settle in into the atmosphere and relax whilst taking the breath taking views from this magnificent venue whilst enjoying some cold appetizers.

Once ready you will be invited to your table for the three course meal that will follow. 

Finish off the Exclusive Lunch with a delicious dessert of some cheese and wine.

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After this exclusive lunch you will continue with the rest of the VIP Rock Tour. Your guide will take you to see the Great Siege Tunnels and WWII Tunnels before heading down to town for some free time.

VIP Luxury Yacht  Trip

Finally but not least on this Ultimate VIP Experience will be dolphin watching onboard a luxury motor yacht. You will again be treated with some chilled Champagne and then will enjoy a selection of gourmet canapes and drinks during the whole duration of the trip. 

In addition enjoy some water sport activities, including the dingy and rubber mat. 

The vessel will be rented for a duration of 4 hours which will allow plenty of time to enjoy the late summer afternoons at sea,  in the best of company and also enjoy the beautiful summer sunset across the Bay of Gibraltar. 

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