Gibraltar Ghost Tours

Join our Ghost Tours and Paranormal Experience on a thrilling adventure with our Spiritual Medium whilst visiting Gibraltar’s most iconic haunted locations. 

Gibraltar Ghost Tours – Paranormal Experience

Do you love History and the Paranormal?? Then look no further and join our Ghost Tours. Not for the fainted hearted, our tours include the participation of a spiritual medium and a historian. 

Your Paranormal Team consists of; John Carreras (a Sceptic Historian) and Samantha Jayne Donbavand (well known Spiritual Medium). Samantha starred in 3 seasons of GBC Ghost Trail A gifted Medium with a wealth of experience which has answered the calling to be your medium and protector on this tour.

Join them on Gibraltar’s scariest tour, that will make any sceptic a believer! 

You will be taken to Casemates Square (a historic Execution Site) and Land Port Tunnel / Ditch which is full of energy from lost spirits. Be amazed at how Samantha interprets their energy and help them to move onto the light and peace. Our Historian will then interpret the readings of Samantha to explain if these are linked to any historical occurrence at the site.

All participants will need to fully obey the instructions of the Medium and Guide at all times. 

Gibraltar Haunted Sites

Casemates Square

Grand Casemates Square was previously the designated area for public military hangings by the English Military. The last recorded public hanging was in 1864  with the garrison paraded up to witness the hanging.

Capital punishment in Gibraltar included public execution in the nineteenth century until 1864. 

One famous public hanging was that of  Private George Shaw of the 7th fusiliers in 8th November 1862


GIBRALTAR TOURS Optimized-8.-Private-George-Shaw-Hanging Gibraltar Ghost Tours

Records show his, name, his regiment and the exact date of his hanging – but no information has been found regarding the reason why. The large number of soldiers shown on the image suggests that the entire Garrison was forced to watch, therefore it had to be a grewsome crime. It would be the last time anybody was hanged in the Casemates. 

Landport Tunnel

Initially the only entrance into Gibraltar on the 18th Century, enemies would have to try to breach Gibraltar via its only Entrance Landport Gate. The area was always heavily guarded by the occupation who always had a greater height and strategical advantage over their enemies. 

Countless enemy lives have been lost in the area known as the Landport Ditch because of the successful defence of Gibraltar from the Northern Defences. On the video recorded on GBC Ghost Trail, you can witness our Medium being taken over by an aggressive lost soul in the Tunnel. Could he make an appearance on your tour?