Gibraltar Art Tours

Our Gibraltar Art Tours will take you to all four galleries and various Street Art and Exhibition points of interest.

Gibraltar Art Tours

Gibraltar enjoys a great historic art culture that dates back to the 19th Century when local artists started to get international recognition for their artwork and vision. 

Some of these famous local artists go by the name of Gustavo Bacarisas, Jacob Azagury, Rudesindo Mannia, Leni Mifsud, Elio Cruz and Mario Finlayson

Some of the most recent international accolades for local artists success artists, was attributed to Christian Hook, whom in 2014 won the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year contest with a portrait of Alan Cumming. 

In relation to Art Galleries, Gibraltar enjoys Four Art Galleries, namely the Fine Arts Gallery, The GEMA Gallery, The Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery and the Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery

In addition, Gibraltar also has various Exhibition Venues that are accessible to the public, namely The John Macintosh Hall Exhibition Hall and Sacarello’s Coffee Shop

Gibraltar also has its own Internationally recognised competition currently on its 48th Edition. The current top price is worth £5,000 and the 48th Edition is due to be inaugurated on 22nd October 2021.

Gibraltar's Famous Artists

Gustavo Bacarisas

On September 23, 1872, Gustave Charles Bacarisas was born in Gibraltar to Gabriel Bacarisas and Adela Podesta. He was the eldest of three brothers who lived on Castle Street with their family. Bacarisas was educated at the Christian Brothers College on Line Wall Road, and his potential was recognized early on, and at the age of 19, he was awarded a scholarship to study art in Rome.

Gustavo relocated in Seville and, like José Cruz Herrera and José Gartner de la Pea, both well-known artists from the Campo de Gibraltar, took part in the Certamen Nacional de Bellas Artes in Madrid in 1915. Bacarisas’ painting “Sevilla en Fiestas” (seen below) was described by art critic Fernando Periquet as “perhaps the most commented on by the public in that exhibition”.

Gustavo’s works were featured in a retrospective exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture in June 2011. “Life and Legacy” was the title of the show, which took place at Casemates Exhibition Galleries. These galleries were renamed the Gustavo Bacarisas Exhibition Galleries after that.

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Mario Finlayson

Mario has been one of Gibraltar’s most well-known artists since he was a child. He had already established a reputation as an artist before being awarded a scholarship to study art in the United Kingdom at the Slade School of Fine Arts, University College London, from 1966 to 1967.

Over the years, the artist has had numerous exhibitions in the United States, as well as in Spain, England (London), and Germany. His work has won numerous accolades and prizes, including the 2013 Spring Art Competition’s 1st Prize. His art continued to be produced well into his eighties, as seen by his 2015 Self Portrait.

In January 2015, an exhibition honoring Mario’s life and work was held. It was stated at the opening of the show that the National Gallery would be named after Mario.

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Christian Hook

Hook was born in the British colony of Gibraltar in 1971. He earned a part-time lectureship at the Royal College of Art in London after studying illustration at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom.

With a painting of Alan Cumming, he won the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition in 2014. The picture was later named one of the greatest 100 paintings in the National Galleries of Scotland’s collection by John Leighton, the director.

Kristin Scott Thomas and Ian McKellen have also been painted by Hook. In 2017, he was granted the Freedom of the City of Gibraltar.

Christian Hook is a full-time artist who enjoys “depicting motion, time, and the moments that occur between events” in his paintings. Christian has painted paintings of celebrities, historical locations, and horses based on this unique concept.

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